Media buying

Biffa have been servicing the waste management needs of the UK since 1912 and are now a UK leading integrated waste management company providing collection, recycling, treatment, disposal and  technologically driven energy generation services. With over 7,500 employees, finding, and retaining, the best talent is crucial to the company’s success.

Working in partnership

Having worked with an advertising agency previously, Biffa were keen to ensure their next venture was a long term partnership. The recruitment team at Biffa wanted to feel assured that their agency were taking on the responsibility of sourcing the most suitable candidates, enabling them to fulfil their ongoing need for a variety of roles. Cost is always important to any company, so it was paramount that their agency could demonstrate both cost and time savings.

The fix…..Onefix

Biffa rely solely on the services provided by Onefix Media to fulfil their ongoing recruitment requirement. Onefix negotiate all online job board contracts and offline campaigns as well as working with Biffa on creative solutions such as outdoor banner advertising and Open Day promotion via email and SMS campaigns.

Anthony Aarons, Head of Recruitment at Biffa, said:

“I used to work at a job board so thought I was already negotiating hard and getting a good deal but Onefix have managed to buy our job board advertising at an even cheaper rate. This alone would make them a winner in my book but they’ve also come up with great ideas for recruitment challenges we’ve faced and have saved us so much time by taking on all the elements of recruitment advertising that used to swamp the team here. Onefix are a key part of Biffa’s recruitment now and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to other organisations.”