Landing Page & Fresh Ideas

Onefix help Emcor advertise the full remit of their vacancies, which are vast, but one of our biggest achievements for them was in recruiting seasonal cleaners for British Sugar, which is in a remote location. Emcor had been struggling to find people for this role but with Onefix’s help they recruited 14 people, making a saving of £24k on agency fees.



Onefix identified that social sites including Facebook and classified sites were key places to reach candidates who would be interested in the cleaner position. They also realised that Emcor were losing quite a few candidates who were struggling with the lengthy application process on their site as English often wasn’t their first language. Onefix created a landing page for people to enter their details which they then provided to the client.

Jay Dayal, Recruitment Manager, Emcor, said:

“We have many challenging roles to recruit for but Onefix continually find ways to help us reach the right candidates. What’s more, they’ve managed to achieve this whilst saving us considerable money as we’ve been able to reduce our use of agencies. Using Onefix is a complete non-brainer for us now and we’ve been actively encouraging hiring managers across our many divisions, who handle recruitment themselves, to speak with them first when they have a new role.”