Applicant tracking system

Advertising vacancies on the right platforms to reach relevant candidates is only half the battle. For efficient and effective recruitment you also need a way to manage and sort the applications helping to shortlist and respond to the best candidates quickly so that they don’t go elsewhere. Take a look at some of the features of the system.

Careers Page Customisation

Recruiting the best candidates starts with making the right first impression. Custom the careers page to match your corporate branding, providing a feed to your live jobs. Our pages offer a mobile-friendly candidate experience.


  • Get a snapshot of your current hiring status
  • Filter jobs by department when hiring in volume
  • Quick search functionality
  • Prioritise individual roles
  • View candidate progress

Custom Pipelines

Help to structure the hiring process when recruiting across multiple disciplines with custom hiring pipelines.

Integrated Inbox

The inbox is fully integrated to your email (Gmail,Outlook,Yahoo..) meaning no duplication of work, 2 way email sync and all communications are tracked in the candidate timeline.

Get notifications at the different stages of the hiring process:

  • Upon receipt of candidate emails
  • An interview scorecard to complete
  • When candidates reach the end of their ‘snooze period’

Bulk Emails

Speed up routine processes with customisable email templates.

  • Templates integrate with external email accounts (Gmail, outlook…)
  • Duplicate detection – never contact the same candidate twice
  • Send ‘Personal’ emails

Customised Application Forms

  • save valuable time
  • options: yes/no, free text or multiple choice
  • pre screening

Interview Scheduler

Set up calls or interviews with candidates and members of your hiring team. Automatically notify candidates and interviewers of the details – including a location map and full list of attendees. Integrates with email and calendar applications including Google, Outlook,
 Yahoo and more.

Candidate Database

Build a secure candidate database enabling you to keep a record of all candidates who’ve been sourced or applied previously.

Use keyword searches across the database (from CVs, emails and PDF documents).

Access entire assessment history including filtering by candidates who have applied for multiple roles or who have been assessed in the past

Analytics & Reports

Refine your recruiting process with hiring reports, track the source of the most qualified candidates to improve job board ROI and see the progress of your open jobs.

Drill down into aggregate data to assess your hiring speed over time and analyse activity reports to help your team improve.

All reports can be exported to CSV or PDF.