Recruitment advertising

Placing your job vacancies can take up a lot of your valuable time. From researching the best places to advertise, getting costs, negotiating, providing the job ad copy and any artwork, or posting the job yourself on some online media, and then finally checking everything is correct before it goes live. It often involves a lot of going backwards and forwards and making tweaks here and there like resizing a logo or amending some formatting.

The good news is that Onefix can do all of this for you, giving you back precious time that you can spend on other activities.

Our relationships with recruitment media, and our buying power as an agency, also means we can get cheaper rates than what they can offer you directly, especially if you’re only buying ad-hoc adverts.

With us, you just pay the advertising cost. There are no placement fees that recruitment agencies charge when you find a candidate you want to hire.

So by working with Onefix you can save both time and money and have the hassle taken out of advertising your vacancies.


Onefix can advise you on the best places to advertise your vacancies to find the candidates that you need. From the big generalist job boards like Reed, Jobsite and TotalJobs to sector specific sites like Guardian, StackOverflow and CharityJob or local media websites.

We’ve also run campaigns for clients and placed adverts in both national and regional newspapers and trade magazines.

Sometimes reaching the candidates you want might require a completely different approach and we’ve worked with clients to produce large scale outdoor advertising, hold open day events and run email or text message campaigns.

Simply give us your brief and we’ll quickly deliver a fully costed proposal outlining the best options for you.

We also provide our clients with a vacancy writing guide full of best practice advice and a job advert template, which has helped many improve the number of quality applications they receive.

If your vacancy is getting people clicking through to apply but these applications aren’t being completed then we can do a review of your ATS to see where you might be losing candidates.
We’ve done this for existing clients and the changes we’ve suggested have improved the number of quality applications they’ve received.

If it’s difficult for you to change the process on your site we can provide alternative solutions such as data capture forms or CV collection so that you don’t miss out on candidates.

Employer brand and

How your company is perceived, and how you treat your employees, has a significant impact on your ability to recruit and retain the best talent.

We can undertake research to understand how you’re doing in specific areas and create solutions to address any issues. Examples include recruitment videos featuring employees, an app for internal comms – specifically to help engage remote teams and on-boarding microsite.


Advertising your vacancies in the right places to reach relevant candidates is only half the battle. For efficient and effective recruitment you also need a way to manage and sort the applications that come in.
This helps you to shortlist and respond to the best candidates quickly so that you don’t lose them to someone else. If you don’t have an ATS, or are looking for a new one, then we can provide a cost effective solution for you.